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Mobile commerce refers to the ability to conduct commerce using a mobile phone, smartphone or tablets. By using mobile devices a shopowner is able to conduct commerce independent of a physical location.

The future of Mobile Commerce

By | January 13th, 2013|Categories: Cross Channel Marketing, Mobile Commerce|Tags: , , |

As the number of mobile devices and mobile purchases continue to grow, more and more online and offline retailers are incorporating mobile commerce into their business strategy. However, mobile commerce is not just another sales channel, but rather a convenient way to integrate the existing online and offline channels, providing your customers with an omnipresent brand and product experience. So where does m-commerce stand and what can we expect in the (near) future? […]

Cross-Channel and mCommerce

By | May 4th, 2012|Categories: Cross Channel Marketing, QR Code Marketing|Tags: , |

Cross-Channel marketing is believed to be the hit of 2012. But is it different from Multi-Channel and what about mobile commerce? It seems only yesterday that offline shops were threatened by their online alternatives. The tide is now turning and the big advantages of offline are becoming more evident; the customer is in the store, the brand experience is omnipresent, and marketing in high traffic places is highly effective. Combined with the rise of mobile commerce, retailers know it; Cross-Channel Marketing is here! […]

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