Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can see the frequently asked questions about Shop2Mobi. Click on an item to see the answer. In case your question is not in this list, please contact us.


How do I know which of the virtual stores or in-store shops generated my sales?

Shop2Mobi offers extensive tracking and segmentation of QR Code campaigns. After the customer scans a QR Code, you know exactly which code was scanned, from which poster, medium or TV-screen and how much revenue was generated after scanning (even if the customer returns to purchase some time after scanning). Channel conflict can be prevented, because tracking and segmentation are also available for in-store and store-in-store concepts, so headquarters can always track which shop owner generated the revenue.

How can I see which scans come from virtual store QR Codes?

With every scan, our Shop2Mobi shortener sends a complete package of information to your Google Analytics and website. When you also log in to your Google Analytics account, every visitor coming from a virtual store is shown with the correct campaign, source and segment variables. Thus you will know exactly what QR Code and product was scanned, where and from which medium.

Do I need a (mobile) webshop to start a virtual store?

Yes and no. To enable customers to purchase your products from a virtual QR Code store, you absolutely need a mobile shop. However, if you only have a ‘normal’ webshop, a physical shop or don’t even have a shop at all, we offer you an instant mobile shop for a fair price. Please check out our pricing section for more information. We do strongly advise to send visitors to a mobile shop, because experience has shown huge conversion drops from people going to a regular desktop webshop after scanning a QR Code.

How can I show the scans and purchases on a map?

Our platform offers geotagging for every campaign and segment. In normal-people language that means that after you’ve created a virtual QR Code shop, you have a little button next to the campaign called “Geotag”. If you click that button, a map appears, on which you can pinpoint the exact location of your shop or shops. After filling in the address, every scan and all revenue is collected and shown directly on a map!

What does ‘segmentation’ mean?

Segmentation means splitting up your campaign in different pieces. Imagine you want your virtual shop to be available in 5 cities. To know exactly which city generated most scans and purchases, our platform needs to know which 5 different locations the campaign is running in. By segmenting one campaign, you don’t need to create 5 different campaigns to track the scans and purchases, and our system knows exactly where the codes were scanned.

Can I keep using Google Analytics for my shop?

YES. To elaborate; our system relays every scanning customer to your own shop and accompanies every visit with an invisible information package. This package (called UTM tags) is easily decoded by Google Analytics and every customer is seen as coming from a shop2mobi-source. Of course the different campaigns, segments and products are distinguished and you can compare and integrate the data seamlessly with your online activities.

Possible problems and issues

I get a blank PDF when I open it in Adobe Reader or Adobe PhotoShop

We have received several notifications that PDF files with large images, dimensions (200×200 inch) or with a high DPI don’t display properly in Adobe Reader or Adobe PhotoShop. Users get a blank canvas or receive an error message. We strongly advise the use of an alternative PDF reader, such as Adobe Illustrator or SumatraPDF. Check out the full list on lifehacker.

It takes a long time to generate my PDF. How long should I wait?

Generating PDF’s, and especially extremely high quality PDF’s, unfortunately takes a while. For a billboard, generation can take up to 10 minutes. We are working on a solution to speed things up a bit. In the meanwhile we hope for your patience and advise you to play a game while waiting for the generation to complete. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

I have trouble viewing my revenues in the Shop2Mobi platform.

Some users may experience that linking their Google Analytics account to our platform does not show the revenue. This is due to a recent change in the way Google Analytics communicates. We are currently testing the solution and will provide this as soon as possible. Of course you can still view all the (revenue) information in your own Google Analytics account (date: 2012/10/02)

I have a MasterCard or VISA, how can I pay in your platform?

You can pay using PayPal and simply fill out your credit card data to pay securely. We expect to offer the full MasterCard and VISA payment through our own platform on the 1st of November. At the moment you can choose PayPal, American Express, Bank transfer and iDeal as your payment methods.

What do I do with the 21% VAT?

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a form of consumption tax. As a business owner, you can reclaim the full amount of VAT. For Non-EU customers, you can see this page on reclaiming the VAT. If you are an EU-customer, check out this page from our Tax administration. We are now implementing an automatic IP and VAT-number based solution to make things a bit easier.

I’ve published my campaign, but it doesn’t show up in statistics.

Have you ticked the checkbox on the campaign? Try going to the stats page and ticking the checkboxes next to the campaigns you want to show. Presto!

Instant QRs says my URL is wrong.. but it’s not wrong!

The solution is to put the complete address into the URL-box, including http:// or https://.

Where can I find that beautiful map with geolocations?

It’s on the statistics page. You can see two tabs, one is called ‘Charts’ (selected by default) and the other one is called ‘Map’. Click on the ‘Map’-tab!


Do I need an iPhone or Android app to purchase products from a virtual QR Code store?

Yes and no. You don’t need your own app to enable customers to purchase your products. They do however need a QR Code scanner installed on their smartphones. Currently, about 90% of smartphones (and 100% in Asia) already have a QR Code scanner pre-installed. The only thing your customer needs to do is start their QR Code reader and point it at the QR Code in your virtual store. We advise the I-Nigma reader for iPhone and Android.

How can I pay for products from a virtual store?

The choice of payment is up to the individual store owners. In most cases, you will be able to purchase by using PayPal, Credit Card, afterpay, bank transfer and Maestro. The mobile payment process is currently supported by 90% of the banks and is as safe as purchasing from home. In 10% of the cases, you will still need to give an extra confirmation by entering a second security code.

What kind of phone do I need to buy from a virtual QR Code store?

Any smartphone (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, iPad, etc.) will do. You do need an internet connection (mobile or WiFi) and a QR Code reader installed. The phone needs to make a connection to the mobile webshop and that’s actually all there is!

Do I need (mobile) internet to buy from a virtual store?

Yes. By scanning a QR Code from a virtual shop, you will be transferred to the mobile webshop of the store and to reach that store, you need an internet connection. However, most QR Code readers provide you with an option to save scanning history. So if your connection is bad or you don’t have the time to purchase the product right away, you can always save your scan and discount for a later purchase.

When will my products be delivered?

As we work with different store owners, the delivery process is fully in the hands of the webshop. We do strongly advise our partners to deliver the products within 2 days. We do have customers with unique products that need tuning or customization, and we have customers who deliver on the same day (within 2 hours).

I’d like to return my purchased products, how do I do that?

This is also up to the store owner. After you purchase your product, you will receive an email confirmation of your order. In this confirmation, the (link to) return policy gives you more information on how to return your products. For more info, you can contact the store where you made your purchase.

QR Codes

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is basically an alternative to the barcode. Where the barcode contains only a string of numbers, a QR Code can contain a web address, contact information, geolocation and much much more. Our QR Codes contain a link to the product in the mobile webshop. The big advantage is that any smartphone can act as a QR Code scanner and get you to the correct product and store within seconds, instead of you typing in the address.

Why do you use QR Codes and not NFC/Augmented reality/SnapTag/MS Tag/Aztec?

There are a couple of reasons why we chose QR Codes. First of all, QR Codes are generally accepted and are well known by the big public. Almost every smartphone owner knows that their device can decode this strange square code within milliseconds. Second, QR Codes are pretty scannable. Even in bad light conditions, even if the code is damaged and even if you’re really really really far away. We do however have the possibility to incorporate other types of codes. If you are interested in using an other medium, contact us for custom assistance.

Why do you advice to use a QR Code shortener?

QR Codes are very well readable and can contain up to 1852 characters. However, the more characters are encoded, the bigger the QR Code gets and the less readable it becomes. To keep QR Codes as readable as possible, we limit our QR Codes by shortening them to a maximum of 25 characters and thus making them super readable (even from big distances and even after possible damages).

Can I read a QR Code without a smartphone?

Yes.. and no. If you have the same mathematic qualities as John Forbes Nash Jr., you might succeed, but otherwise the code is quite difficult to decode by a human. If you want to try it yourself, we gladly redirect you to the manual on wikipedia. If you succeed, contact us and you’ll get a good place on our wall of fame!

How do I know I’m scanning an original Shop2Mobi QR Code?

The best way to know is to scan the code and check the URL. Every URL that’s made with shop2mobi, has the following format: “”. If you see “” you know you’re in a secure place and can continue safely.

From which distance can I scan a QR Code?

That depends on some factors, like size of the QR Code, weather conditions and contrast. The biggest distance that we know of for scanning a QR code is about 100 km (from space), with a code of 13×13 meters.

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