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In 2012 more than 300 pop-up QR Code stores were created all around the world. For 2013, already more than 2000 have been announced, so it seems like QR Code shopping is here to stay. Read up on the best pop-up scan & buy stores that were created in 2012. Also check out our previous popular blog post: Top 10 QR Code Store Examples. Will you be the first one to start your own popup QR Code store in your area? Get inspired and start selling your products using QR Codes!

#1 Jimm’s (Finland)

Jimm’s is a well-known consumer electronics store in Finland with 38 employees. Together with their out-of-home media partner JCDecaux, Jimm’s decided to publish pop-up QR Code Stores in and around (subways) in Helsinki. The products shown were popular electronics accessories.

In the first week, the number of scans reached over 500. Many customers approached Jimm’s complimenting them on the ‘fresh idea‘. These customers were inspired by seeing the products and visited the (online) mobile store quickly, boosting sales directly after the publication of the pop-up mobile stores.

Jimm's computer supplies

#2 PayPal (Singapore)

Called ‘Shop & Pay on-the-go ♥‘, PayPal has enabled Singaporean commuters to shop and pay on-the-go in 15 subway stations (SMRT) island-wide. Smartphone penetration in Singapore has recently reached 70%, making it a very attractive QR Code shopping market, especially during Valentine’s Day.

According to PayPal, 78% of Singaporeans prefer mobile payment whereas 38% of frequent daily passers-by was keen on scanning the QR Codes. Due to overwhelming interest in mobile commerce, PayPal has also doubled the mobile payment prediction for 2012 to 7 billion.

PayPal Singapore Valentine's Day pop-up store

#3 eBay (UK)

During the busiest online shopping weekends of the year, eBay has opened up a pop-up QR Code and augmented reality shop in the center of London, near Covent Garden. This is not a first for eBay, as they have also done this in New York and London in 2011.

Head of buyer experience Carrie Bienkowski says: “(…) this year we want to show people that they can shop anywhere, anyhow. It’s really about demoing the power of mobile“. During the three days that the store is open, eBay expects to welcome around 3000 shoppers through its doors.

eBay pop up and augmented reality social shop

#4 Walmart/PG (USA)

On June 14th, Walmart and Procter & Gamble kicked off their @PGMobile initiative. The collaboration encompassed a truck that visits several popular locations in New York throughout June and is covered with product QR Codes. Bringing the store to the urban shopper is a way to penetrate the difficult New York market.

P&G spokesperson Tim Marrin explains: “We truly believe that this is the future, but people have yet to really adopt buying consumables online“. The mobile pop-up shop has led to a trial site, placing QR Codes on all print ads and drive traffic to their mobile web shop.

Walmart and Procter & Gamble pop up mobile QR Code store

#5 Nautica (LaGuardia) (USA)

During holiday season, Nautica, an ocean-minded fashion, apparel and accessories brand, has published a campaign in LaGuardia airport. The pop up store shows a collection of products, printed very realistically as if you were inside a store. The collection features jackets, coats, sweaters and accessories.

Around 70,000 passengers pass the LaGuardia on daily basis, mostly travelers with no time or space to shop. With this fact, the campaign is bound to have a high conversion, seen as many travelers are business passengers and thus the target audience.

Pop up mobile shop in LaGuardia airport

#6 Best-Buy (USA)

Best-Buy was one of the first major retailers to jump in on the mobile commerce and QR Code shopping train. Already in 2010, Best-Buy added QR Codes to a vast amount of instore products, making it easy for customers to compare and purchase, without having to stand in line or carry the goods.

During the 2012 holiday season, Best-Buy has shown an immense increase in the number of mobile sales. People shopping for Christmas presents did not need to wait, but simply took out their mobile phones and scanned the QR Codes to purchase the products in the mobile web shop.

Best Buy QR Code instore mobile shop

#7 9straatjes (Netherlands)

Literally translated as ‘9 little streets‘, is an area in Amsterdam with a lot of small and unique shops dating back to the early 1700. In collaboration with PayPal, the shops have published QR Codes on their shopping windows, leading to the mobile shop where the products can be ordered.

A total of 30 shops bring ultimate window shopping to life, as the nine streets are filled with people after the shops have closed. The mobile shop looks great and works as a cross-selling tool. After you’ve bought a dress from one shop, why not look at a matching accessory from an other?

9 straatjes 24/7 window shopping

#8 Sorli Virtual (Spain)

The Sorli Virtual Supermarket is the first retailer in Spain to present customers with QR Code convenience. During 6 months, a QR Code Wall filled with 400 grocery products, will give commuters in the Sarrià train station ultimate convenience to do their groceries.

Every day 10,000 people will be passing the Virtual Supermarket. Figures show that 10% to 15% of passengers will scan a QR Code or download the reader, meaning an increase of up to 1500 customers a day. As this is an experiment, Sorli will donate all profits from these 6 months to charity.

Sorli Discau virtual supermarket

#9 Foreshore (Netherlands)

In 2012, during two big Kite Surfing events in the Netherlands, Foreshore (an online store for clothes and kite surf apparel) put up a mobile pop up store of 3×2 meters showing their flag ship products. Both sides were printed with different designs, to act as track segments and provide scanning information.

Results were quite promising, the codes were scanned around 120 times and four purchases were made. Above all, a lot of visitors complimented on the creative way the products were presented. Many people stopped to ask how it worked and gave their opinion on the design.

Foreshore pop up mobile store

#10 Snipes (Germany)

Snipes is an urban clothing and shoe brand. With the opening of their new flagship store in the center of Cologne (Köln), Snipes decided to put up a pop-up store with QR Codes to let people know they were there. The pop-up shop attracted a lot of attention from the young target audience.

In the first four days, there were 714 scans of which 25% generated additional orders. The shopping public also visited the flagship store, to check out the products in real life. Snipes has now established a well running shop in city center and is known as a hyper-innovative company.

Snipes pop up mobile shop

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