A big step for Jumbo and a Jumbo step for Virtual Shopping in The Netherlands! One of the biggest supermarket chains in Holland have just taken over one of the busiest bus stop in the center of Utrecht with a virtual store. The virtual store accompanies the launch of the new Jumbo app which has been released a couple of weeks before.

Jumbo app

In the beginning of October 2016, Jumbo Supermarkets launched their new app. This app enables anyone to scan any of their products, choose pick up points or get the products delivered after ordering them in the app. The app also allows to build the full grocery list, including the prices and order them with one click of the button.

The app also enables everyone to create a favorite and ‘popular’ list, find recipes and view previous purchases. It’s a great way to keep grocery shopping quite literally in your pocket!

Virtual Shelfs

To accompany the launch of this app and give it a publicity boost, Jumbo has created a beautiful virtual grocery store in the center of the Dutch city Utrecht. They have fully taken over the busiest bus station and posted several posters, so commuters could scan and order the products without having to visit their supermarket. The products are of course delivered right to their doorstep!

Jumbo Virtual Shelf



Just like Tesco with Homeplus in South Korea, the bus stop is a perfect way for working people to avoid visiting the grocery store and still get their groceries conveniently delivered at home. The app can also scan barcodes that are linked to product information, current price and use them as ingredients.

Marketing campaigns

Of course the virtual shop is a perfect way to gain (free) media attention. The bus stop is a wonderful eye-catcher, just like most QR Code Stores, and has been mentioned in all the big newspapers and blogs. QR Code Stores have been proven to be picked up by media in all countries where companies including Shop2Mobi has implemented and published QR Code Stores!

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