Full service QR Code store

With Shop2Mobi platform: you can create QR Codes, virtual shelves and view advanced statistics easily.
With Shop2Mobi full-service: we can do everything. The table below shows the steps needed to start:

Steps to start a QR Code storeFull service proposition
1Choose the place for your store
• Your target audience is there
• Customer inspiration and mind-set
• People have time and feasibility
With over 500 cases and extensive target audience statistics, we know where your customers are and how to reach them.
2Select the right products
• People *want* / *need* the product
• What type of product is suitable?
• The price is right
We help you select the most suitable products and assist in combining them to ensure a high conversion rate.
3Set up a mobile shop
• Instant mobile shop
• Responsive mobile design
• Mobile payment
Using a product feed from your (web)shop, we can set up and fully customize a mobile shop, including mobile payments.
4Customize QR Code store design
• Product presentation
• QR Code visibility and readability
• Template design and branding
Our team of skilled designers know exactly how to create an innovative and user friendly QR Code pop-up store.
5Generate, publish and evaluate
• Generate trackable QR Codes
• Link Google Analytics
• Test the whole process
With Shop2Mobi your QR Codes are readable + trackable in Google Analytics and the process works like a charm.

Outsource the creation of your QR Code store campaigns completely or choose the elements you want us to assist with. We can plan and collaborate with media partners, discuss the best marketing strategy, take care of the printing and plan other marketing actions (such as flyers) simultaneously.

If you already have a web shop or an ERP system, we can provide the technical expertise easily link it to our mobile shop solution, using your own payment gateway.

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