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Shop2Mobi FactsheetIn the summer of 2011, on a warm and beautiful day, Dennis Vreeke and Roman Markovski, two modern business entrepreneurs met up in the heart of Amsterdam to discuss how they were going to change the retail world.

"How can we truly innovate the current eCommerce landscape?"

Having extensive experience in the e-commerce field, the two spoke about the challenges and possibilities they had come across as webshop owners, like increased competition in the field of online marketing, the advantages of offline stores, the uprising mobile usage and the ever growing acceptance of NFC and QR Codes by the consumer and marketeers. Just a few month before, they saw an inspiring video about Tesco with the QR Code shopping concept and the idea of selling offline and online at the same time appealed to them both.

An idea was born...

"How would we start a shop like this ourselves?", one of them asked.Shop2Mobi Logo - "Well, it's not that simple at the moment..", the other replied .

They both took a sip of their ice cold drink, while quietly observing the crowd passing by and their brains working overtime to find a solution.

"We'd want advanced statistics, location-info, track scans, campaign management, link revenues.." "..and we'd want to segment,  import feeds, instantly generate shelves, NFC tags, QR Codes and branding.."

They looked around and saw a couple of posters with NFC and QR Codes, a big billboard with a product ad and five people waiting for the bus, all immersed in their mobile phones.

"Are you pondering what I'm pondering?" - "I guess so!" "We're going to make it possible for everyone to create their own virtual shop with NFC and QR Codes?" - "I guess so!"

The company

ISM eCompanyThey clinked their glasses and the idea was born. This was big, huge in fact, so they needed a partner that could back them up and give them the resources, knowledge and leverage the idea needed. There was only one candidate; ISM eCompany, an innovative full service internet agency from Rotterdam. In a long, but tasty pizza session, both parties discussed the potential and shook hands to work together. Two months later the development of the Shop2Mobi platform had already begun and a team of six dedicated brilliant minds from Ukraine were busy creating the perfect Cross-Channel Marketing and Sales tool. Shop2Mobi is a company based and registered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our office is located in the old Van Nellefabriek, a beehive full of innovative startups. For further information about Shop2Mobi or if you would like to visit our office, please contact us.

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    Create your own Virtual Store with QR codes within 5 minutes and conquer the offline world! With Just wallet Qr store  you can create your offline campaigns, print your media or publish your virtual store on a screen. Customers can buy your products by scanning our smart QR Codes.

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Shop2Mobi is an expert in bringing online stores to the offline world.

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