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QR Code Campaign Management

With our QR Code Campaign Management tool you can easily start a campaign and export QR Codes in various formats (JPG, PNG, SVG and EPS). Starting is easy: Upload your products or feed, create your campaign and easily distribute your codes! Your QR codes are generated in bulk and are optimized using our URL shortener to ensure flawless and quick scanning.

QR Code Campaign Management

Instant Dynamic QR Codes

Instant & Dynamic QR Codes

When you quickly need QR Codes, use our instant QR Code generator. Just enter the URL and you can immediately download the corresponding QR Codes! As all of the Shop2Mobi QR Codes are Dynamic QR Codes, you can easily change their destination whenever you want, even after printing and publishing them! This way you’ll never have to worry about QR Codes ‘leading nowhere’.

Track Scans & Revenue

Every scan and sale in your QR Code shop is instantly registered in your Google Analytics, so you can keep track of campaign results in your own system. Additionally, if you decide to connect your Shop2Mobi-account with Google Analytics, you instantly gain access to advanced geo- and revenue statistics and you will be able to optimize your campaigns accordingly.

Track QR Code Scans and Revenue

Detailed Geo-Statistics

Detailed Geo Statistics

The moment one of your product QR Codes is scanned, it shows up on your map in real-time. You know exactly where and when someone is buying your products and which locations are most profitable! Our platform does this without intruding the privacy of your customers by asking them to share their GPS location since our ‘smart QR Codes’ store location data inside the QR Code itself.

Easy Customizable Templates

You don’t need to be a professional designer to make beautiful virtual shelves. Our designers have created many unique and easily customizable templates. Each predefined template can be adjusted to your company branding and can generate print-ready QR Code shelves within a few minutes. After adding your logo and colors, you can easily print and publish your unique and branded virtual store PDF.

Easy Customizable Templates

Dynamic Virtual Shelves

Dynamic Virtual Shelves

By using our dynamic virtual shelves you can create and adjust your virtual shelves effortlessly. For example, when your product is out-of-stock or you want to promote an other product, you can simply drag and drop the new product onto the shelf! The new product will show immediately. The dynamic campaign is especially useful for electronic (TV) displays, flatscreens and narrowcasting channels.

Advanced Segmentation

Need target group or location segmentation within your campaign? Don’t worry, with Shop2Mobi you can easily define segments for each campaign. This allows you to differentiate and track the source of each scan and sale. QR Code segmentation can be used as an effective solution for channel conflicts as you can trace back every scan and sale to a specific predefined segment.

Advanced QR Code Segmentation

Instant Mobile Shop

Instant Mobile Shop

An essential feature for virtual stores is directing your customer to a mobile webshop. With our instant mobile shop solution, you can create a mobile webshop optimized for high conversion, by using responsive design for smartphones and tablets. Your instant webshop can be fully customized and branded the way you prefer. We also offer integration with your current ERP or webshop system.

Bring your brand to your customers.
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Shop2Mobi is a platform to easily generate QR Code Stores & QR Code Campaigns in bulk.

1. Choose type of virtual store

Will you be first with a QR Code store in that busy subway station? Or do you want to reach thousands of people reading a printed magazine? High-traffic locations and print media are two of the many opportunities with virtual stores. You probably already have a good idea about where you would like to offer your customers an opportunity to visit your online store. The first step in setting up a QR Code shop is to select the type of virtual store. There are essentially four types: Instore, Outstore, On-Product and Print.

After deciding on the type of store, you can choose the campaign that fits you best. Do you want trackable QR Codes exported in bulk, to use in your marketing? Or do you prefer an easy-to-use shelf designer that generates printable shelves in PDF-format on the fly? Why not choose dynamic shelves that can be displayed on electronic screens like narrowcasting channels?

Read about more QR Code store opportunities »

Instore Outstore OnProduct Print

Product Selection

2. Add and select products

After deciding where and how to present your store, you can now add your products to your QR Code shopping solution. Products can be imported to Shop2Mobi by uploading a data feed or catalog-export (CSV/XML). Of course it’s also possible to add products manually to your Shop2Mobi account. You only need to enter the article number or SKU, product name, product image, price, product URL and optionally category name and current stock.

Now your products are imported, it is time to make a sub-selection of products that you want to display in your store. Key to success is choosing the right products to sell in your QR Code shop. Experience shows that attractive products are under $ 200, tend to be bought on impulse, can be well presented or have an inspiration factor. Creating a promotion has proven to be the best finishing touch.

3. Customize QR Code store design

You can choose one of the professionally designed store templates to easily create a QR Code store or export QR Codes to incorporate in your own store design. Using our smart template editor, you can adjust the look and feel of your QR Code shop by adding a company logo, choosing the color of your shelves, and placing the products on your shelves with our easy to use drag & drop interface.

Of course all the templates you publish as PDF are fully editable in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for further customization and branding.

Easy Customizable Templates

Instant Mobile Shop + QR Code Shelves

4. Generate QR Code store

Your QR Code store has been set up and we can now finalize your campaign! In this last step, you can choose the advanced features for your campaign, such as segmentation to track the source of your QR Code sales. Depending on the campaign type, you can export the automatically generated QR Codes, print the hi-res PDF shelves or generate the digital QR Code store for display on screens.

An essential feature for virtual stores is directing your customer to a mobile webshop. With our instant mobile shop solution, you can automatically create a mobile webshop optimized for high conversion that uses responsive design for smartphones and tablets.

5. Earn, track and evaluate!

Yeah! You’ve created a beautiful virtual store and placed it in an area where your customers are walking around with their mobile device waiting for an opportunity to get that product they have always wanted. So now it’s time for you to grab a drink, open up Google Analytics or the Shop2Mobi statistics page and see the QR Code scans and purchases flying in! Oh, and the cool thing is you can see your sales popping up live on a map!

Detailed Geo-stats 2

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